God led 19 men and women to establish Tyler Baptist Church in 1946.

Pastor Mike Wolf and Pastor John Lee

In 1988, Riverside Mandarin Baptist Church began with family studies and worship. Thanks to the concerted efforts of faithful leaders, brothers and sisters, and after much prayer and searching, Pastor Chang Chi-Chong was called to help them establish the church. The church moved to a location at California Baptist University on April 29, 1990, and established Riverside Mandarin Baptist Church.

In 1992, God showed us abundant grace and sent Pastor John Lee and his wife to shepherd the church. In 1994, RMBC began renting from Indian Hills Baptist church for worship service. Then, with the help of Pastor Mike Wolf, RMBC purchased half ownership of the church. During this time, RMBC went through many trials, but God guided us with His pillar of cloud and pillar of fire, and we dared not to stray from Him and His plan for us.

In 2002, by the grace of God and with the great help of Pastor Paul Wilkerson, Riverside Mandarin Baptist Church and Tyler Baptist Church merged. God brought us from the wilderness to the Promised Land he had prepared for us. He called Pastor Bill and his wife to come shepherd us, and brought Pastor Wolf and his wife to help minister to the church. God then provided Pastor Gershom Lee from 2007 to 2012 as Chinese pastor to care for and lead the spiritual growth of Chinese brothers and sisters.

In 2013, God sent his servant, Pastor David Chao, as well as his wife, to RMBC. In 2015, Pastor Adam Co and his family joined to nurture the English congregation. In February, 2018, Pastor Terry was called as English pastor. In the Lord we are one, we love one another, live in harmony, work tirelessly according to God’s will, and wait for the day of the return of the Lord.

Pastor Chi-Chong Chang and Pastor Bill Pierpoint

RMBC Motto

Letting God change my life.

Letting my life change others.

RMBC Discipleship Declaration

  1. Follow God’s path, glorify God, and live a life that glorifies God and blesses others.

  2. Honor God, obey with humility, and serve each other.

  3. Put aside personal ambition, embrace God’s kingdom, suffer for God, and give sacrificially.

  4. Wholeheartedly pursue Christ in accordance to the Great Commission, the great commandment, and the hope in the kingdom of God.

  5. Join the church, study God’s word daily, keep the Lord’s day, take part in fellowship, and serve the church.

  6. Diligently spread the gospel, lead others to become disciples, and build the church in one spirit.

  7. In accordance to the Bible’s teaching, commit to God a tenth of the money, serve obediently with time, abilities, gifts provided by the Lord. 

The Baptist Faith & Message