Chinese Pastor Job Posting

Riverside Mandarin Baptist Church (RMBC)



Qualifications for the Position:

  • Qualifications required:

    • Based on the biblical requirements of 1 Timothy 3: 1-7 and Titus 1:6-9

    • A married healthy male Christian with integrity and ministry passion and pastoral experience of minimum 2 years. Must have at least a green card.

    • Seminary graduate committed to RMBC (minimum 2 years) and in agreement with RMBC Statement of Faith.

    • An organized shepherd with Christian leadership and management experience and ability to communicate effectively, in both Chinese and English, with church ministry coworkers including the English congregation.

    • Teach the Bible in an interesting and relevant way, focusing on making disciples rather than just converts. Has a passion for children, youth, family and mission and regularly attends RMBC college fellowships.

    • Understand and enjoy working with people from Mainland China and Taiwan with good understanding of American culture.

    • A man of prayer, doer of the Lord’s word, and loves the church and people, willing to be mentored.


  • Qualifications desired:

    • A US citizen.

    • Willing to relocate and/or live within 30 minutes from RMBC.

    • Master of Divinity.

    • Demonstrates Christian husband’s characteristics toward his wife working with her as a team, willing to sacrifice for his family and church.

    • College and family ministry experiences

    • A team prayer, an empathetic listener, willing to network with others and able to resolve conflict effectively.

    • Able to discuss USA and world culture issues. Gentle and humbly shows respect for other cultures.

    • A good financial planner, manages his household well, not in much debt.

    • Reflects self-discipline and denial of sinful desires, shows method of sexual purity.

    • Sincere and serious about serious things

    • Sense of humor, speaks Spanish, able to use basic technology and willing to progress.

    • Southern Baptist Convention connection


Salary commensurate with qualifications and experience.

Job Description for Riverside Mandarin Baptist Church (RMBC)
- Youth Leader (part-time)

Purpose of the Youth Leader Position

  • The position of Youth Leader exists to provide Christian teaching and mentoring to the youth (6-12th grade) of RMBC.

  • The position of Youth Leader contributes to the vision and goals of RMBC by helping parents disciple their youth and help reach out to Chinese youth "connected" to RMBC.

Qualifications for the Position

  • Qualifications required:

    • A mature Christian with integrity and youth ministry passion and experience.

    • College graduate, committed to the church and in agreement with the RMBC statement of faith.

    • Ability to communicate effectively with youth and to teach the Bible in an interesting and relevant way.

    • Understanding of Asian youth and their culture.

    • 2+ year commitment to RMBC


  • Qualifications desired:

    • Healthily married male

    • Fluent English and basic Mandarin

    • Lives within 30 minutes of RMBC

Key Accountabilities and Expected Results

Top 3 accountabilities of the position 

  • Lead youth program on Friday night fellowship, Sunday mornings and special events.

  • Report to English pastor and council discipleship leader your activities, goals, results, desires and needs.

  • Training youth to participate in English worship service.


Expected results (approximately 20 hours/week average)

  • Prepare and teach - Friday night fellowship, and Sunday School.  Organize youth lead VBS, retreat and outside activities.  Meet individually with youth as needed.

  • Write report and attend monthly RMBC council meeting, and attend weekly pastors meeting.

  • Attend English worship with youth helping them connect and grow.


Salary commensurate with qualifications and experience: $13/hour minimum monthly equivalent

Please download the application to your computer and fill it out.

Youth Leader Application Form

Email the completed form and your resume to: