Community Service: language courses, Health talks, Counseling talks, Family lectures

Local missionary: college campus, "Gleaning for Hungry" short proclamations, "Vacation Bible School" holiday biblical school

Overseas missionary: North Thailand missionary, Chinese electioneering, Taiwan missionary


Sunday worshipers: worship, reception, Eucharist, dedication, Photography, Audio projection, Translation, Poems, Internet

Special events: anniversary, New year, Easter, Mother's Day, Father's Day, Thanksgiving, Christmas


Chinese Fellowship: Chinese Evergreen Fellowship Alta Loma Fellowship, Riverside Central Fellowship, Enron Friends Fellowship, Yachin Fellowship, Live Stone Fellowship, Chinese Brotherhood, Chinese Sisters Prayer

English Fellowship: English Fellowship, English Evergreen Fellowship, Youth Fellowship


Sunday morning prayer, watch prayer, weekly intercession, prayer network, pray for children


Sunday school: Chinese adult Sunday school, English adult Sunday school, youth Sunday school, children Sunday school

Training: Baptist class, member class

Library: teaching materials, bible, tutoring books


Preparation and supplies purchase: prepare tea and coffee, boil rice, pick up lunch, clean after meal; lunch supplies, toilet supplies, cleaning materials

Festival and venue layout: new year, Easter, Thanksgiving, Christmas, wedding, memorial service

Maintenance: water, electrical maintenance, house maintenance, lawn trees
Traffic pickup